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Identity Verification
within seconds

Utilitise our bank-grade identity verification portal to start
identifying customers immediately or integrate into your
website or app with ease.

  • IDKit is an OCR Labs product. All technology is proprietary.
  • Used by major banks, telcos, government and enterprise.
  • Saving lost funds from REAL identity fraud and manual processes.
  • Increase sales ability, customer experience and speed of onboarding.
  • Rebranded and Customisable according to your preference.
  • Providing completely automated AML, KYC and VOI compliance.
  • ISO 27001, ISO 22301, SOC2 certified.
  • AWS hosted, Super encryption, Ultra secure.
  • PAD level 1 and 2 certified - best ever tested internationally.
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No App needed. Super Easy

Step 1. Check ID

Take photo of ID card or Passport. Details are extracted, document is checked for tampering, identity cross verified with Government sources.

Step 2. Check Face

Capture short video of face. Individual assessed as live and present. Face matched against identity document.

Identity presented is real.
Document is Authentic. Person owns the identity.

Person is who they say they are.